In this day and age with so many miracle pills, wraps, lotions, bonnets, or aqua massagers it is simple to lose sight of what is actually the truth when it comes to weight loss. For us it is simple, the greatest amount of weight loss happen when the 75/25 ratio is implemented. That’s right 75% diet 25% exercise. The greatest thing to remember is that ultimately we do not want you to diet, but to make healthier decisions when eating that will aid not only in weight loss but also weight maintenance.

For the athlete understanding how proper nutrition can have positive or negative affects on the body is imperative. With the state of athletics current format . Understanding food timing and using food as fuel to get through long grueling practices and tournaments is important. This is valuable in both the mental and physical aspects of athletics.

We now offer food preparation consultation, a food preparation cooking course and we also prep and deliver meals weekly. All orders should be placed by Saturday for a Tuesday delivery or Tuesday for a Thursday delivery. We are not nutritionists however we specialize in making great tasting healthy meals that aid in muscle growth, recovery, and weight loss.