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Q: What should I bring to a workout?

A:  A towel, water or electrolyte drink, a positive attitude and in some cases a mat.

Q: How long do sessions last?

A: Generally all sessions last about an hour. However if it is an active recovery day or in season workout then the session will last  25-35 minutes.

Q: What do I do if I need to cancel a session? Will I still be billed?

A: We understand that life happens, if you need to cancel we ask that you give us at least 6 hours notice so we are better able to serve others. You will only be charged for a late cancel if we are not given at least an hours notice or you miss an appointment entirely.

Q: I do not like to workout by myself is group training an option?

A: Yes group training is always an option. We love the group setting as it holds all parties involved accountable. We try to keep groups from 2-10 people that way we maximize the effectiveness of each workout.

Q: I have suffered from multiple injuries, are all workouts high intensity?

A: We believe in building a strong foundation where strength and rehabilitation are at the forefront. All workouts are designed so that they can be completed by anyone on any fitness level.